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Why Outsource?


Outsourcing allows our clients to perform the marketing and communications function on a fixed cost basis. This approach removes expense variables and growing office space needs associated with adding employees to your payroll. Outsourcing is a smart choice that also insulates clients from the unpredictability of market ups and downs.

Ocean Marketing Group has assembled a team of contract communication and marketing professionals that work remotely on an as needed only basis minimizing overhead expenses. Since you simply pay for completion of projects you assign to OMG, you avoid unnecessary costs that occur during work-flow valleys and can easily accommodate work-flow peaks without adding additional staff. Most importantly, by outsourcing the marketing function, you direct us to do what we do best for your business, organization, or agency, giving your internal team more time to do what they do best.

Our firm provides communications, advertising, design, website development, customer service evaluation/training, copy writing, research and marketing planning services to North Louisiana small businesses and governmental agencies.   Contact the OMG team today at (318) 746-3040 to maximize your return on investment with a cohesive marketing plan that reinforces your brand image with every exposure.